Production Director

Important Italian company, operating in an international environment, specialized ichthyic and foodstuffs conserve, present on the market with its own brands and GDO partners by private label, research for its own production unit based in west Africa:


The role in research, must supervise and manage all the fish processing and packaging activities, taking care of the entire logistics supply chain: from procurement to shipments, depending on the planned sales budget and orders.

 Through the coordination of a consolidated organization of approximately 800 employees, it will:

  • manage production and manufacturing processes, in compliance with quality and efficiency standards and quality control system plant;
  • ensure the production quantities processing budgeted and according to the orders, optimizing the logistics resources use, related to the plant capacity;
  • ensure the goods packaging and shipment process, based on orders and Headquarter requests

Fundamental requirements for this role:

  • experience gained in Production Manager roles at fish sector companies;
  • managerial capacity of the expatriate and local personnel, in accordance with local labor law provisions;
  • high problem solving, programming and innovation capacity;
  • essential element: an excellent knowledge of French language, in order to be able to play the role in research.


Given the role caliber, this research is addressed at Candidates interested in gaining a relevant professional experience. The Company, therefore, makes an offer, accommodation and benefits, which can also be extended to any family member following the Applicant able to satisfy People with a high professional profile.


Interested parties are invited to send their curriculum vitae with the authorization to process personal data pursuant to EU Regulation 670/2016 (GDPR).


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